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Identify My Chair

To easily identify your specific chair, please refer to the label attached to the underside of each chair seat. (NOTE: there are two example labels shown below based upon the delivery date of your chair.)

Printed on the lower portion of each label, you will find the complete model number, order (reference) number, and the date of production for your chair. Providing this information when communicating with our Customer Service Department for parts, repair or warranty service, will enable us to serve you more effectively.


Old Model

New Model

Once you have located the model number and reference number, enter them in the appropriate box.

If the label has been removed, damaged, is of another style, or if it is difficult to read for any reason, Contact Customer Service for assistance.

You can also send an email direct to our customer service team, and include a digital photo of the chair or chairs you need to identify as an email attachment. We will respond with the correct information the very next business day.

If you do not have access to a digital camera, you can simply take a picture with your cell phone camera and send a PIX message to One of our customer service team will call you with your model and reference numbers the next business day.

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